Music has been around since time immemorial. People listen to it every day and it is part of each and every culture, in every region around the world. The United Kingdom has produced a great number of exceptional artists, some of them being considered as living legends.

One such band – which still produces good quality music today – is Heartland, a group that was formed in 1991. While the band has evolved and moved with the times, Heartland still retains its inspiration in producing works and songs in the so called adult oriented rock genre.

On these web pages, users can read about the history of the band, which was founded by Chris Ousey and Gary Sharpe. The two current members include Ousey, who is also a gifted solo artist in his own right, and Steve Morris.

Heartland has released a total of seven studio albums and one acoustic album. This one stop resource provides information about where the band plays, the type of music they perform and above all else, plenty of information about the band’s plans for the future and interesting thoughts from Ousey and Sharpe themselves.

This website also takes the user on a journey of discovery on how Heartland’s music evolved over the decades to create the distinct sound that it has today. Rock collections are simply not complete without Heartland’s music. Their offerings take the listener on a journey into their own soul.

This website will allow the user to get a true feel of the inspiration and passion which led to the band’s success.