Best SongsWhen you choose to explore Heartland’s discography, you will find there are a large number of songs that you can enjoy. To begin with, you need to know the names of all the albums that this group has released.

The debut album is self-titled. Over the years it has been reprinted in several versions and there are now five that you can choose from. A second album was called Wide Open.

The third album was also named after the band and called Heartland III. This was followed by their other album known as Bridge of Fools. The next album was called Miracles by Design, and it was really miraculous in its sound.

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There are also some brilliant singles and Eps that you can purchase, all of which were produced by A&M Records. These include Carrie Ann, of which there are a total of three versions, Fight Fire with Fire which have a total of five versions, and Real World which has four versions.

For the ultimate musical experience, purchase the compilation CD that has been made available by Escape Music. This features two CDs complete with the best hits from the band. With such a rich discography available, you are spoilt for choice and can spend days exploring the rich textures of the offerings by Chris Ousey and his most famous musical adventure.