Heartland in JapanHeartland made their debut in 1991. They fast became known for their style and their contributions to the world of British music, but it didn’t stop there. They even released songs for the Japanese market, with a somewhat different tracklist than the standard records, and for some they felt this was a better offering. While all of the songs produced by this group really stood out many felt the Japanese release was the best take on it.

The “Move On ” album included “City of Lights” which was the real star as it presented itself with amazing guitar offerings, outstanding drum playing and of course the power of the vocals. What made this particular song so outstanding was the back up chorus. This album compared to others showed some distinct differences. In this case more emphasis was put on the layering of the vocals. To make sure this was going to be a success the band hired Anders Rydhom who specializes in vocalizing production.

Earlier albums paid a great deal of attention to presentation with acoustic guitars and this same attention was evident in the “Hell or High Water”. Throughout every song that the “Move On” album possessed there was something eclectic that stood out. For some it was “Where Do We Go From Here” which showed the domination of the keyboard.

While Heartland had many years of success their style of music still continues today, with many more like minded and equally talented bands coming into the music scene. It is bands like Heartland that really paved the way for the new upcoming talent.

Heartland was never accused of producing an inferior album or one that ever led to any disappointments, and which was their best is a matter of opinion, but for many they believe that “Move On” surely was one of their best.