Chris Ousey and Gary SharpeThere is one band that will resonate with your soul the moment that you hear its sound, and that band is Heartland. It is one of the most outstanding British AOR bands of the present time, and has been making stunning music for decades. This is the only site that will give you all the information that you need to know about this amazing band.

It was formed in 1991 and is made up of two talented members, Chris Ousey and Gary Sharpe. Gary Sharpe left the group quite early but it continued on to create some more stunning music in time. It now has at the forefront another excellent musician in Steve Morris. Together, he and Chris they have released a total of seven studio albums, an excellent achievement. Their discography also includes an acoustic compilation album that has been released to great acclaim, as it presented their greatest successes in a different light. Both continue to feature in a large number of other artistic projects.

As a fan of hard rock music, your collection is not complete without a Heartland album. The songs are easy to listen to, very catchy, and there are no holds barred when it comes to the quality of the production. The music brings back the nostalgia that many have for the 1990s, where music was all about creating a connection with the soul.

There are a few words that can describe this music, which makes it worthwhile to be a fan of the group, since the time that they released their first album. These words include Masterpiece, Perfection, Thrilling and the Best!

Classic sounds brought together by the gravelly voice of Chris Ousey and the hard hitting bass, drums and guitar that are used on all the tracks. Heartland have continued to produce brilliant music until this day.