Heartland's Chris OuseyChris played an important role in the birth of Heartland and many say that without his input and involvement this British group, they would never have made it as far as they did. At one moment in time it would seem that Chris was really going to make his claim to fame through an album being produced via what at the time was known as Polygram along with his old pal Gary Sharpe but he never quite made it that far. All because destiny had him change course – prior to the production of the album Chris was enticed to team up with a newly formed band called Virginia Wolf.

Chris then went on along with Gary Sharpe to form Heartland. Much of the success of this group was attributed to the outstanding vocal talents of Chris. Chris kept up his career in music and moved on through the years producing many more productions.

Moving up to 2016, Chris has now once again made the spotlight in the British music scene with his debut solo album Dream Machine. Joined by Lars Chriss as drummer/producer, Ousey has not disappointed his fans. For those who are still fond of Heartland then no doubt they are most pleased to see Chris still has it in him to be a crowd pleaser.

Chris’s progressions throughout the years leading up to this latest release are really impressive. So many artists seem to fade into the background after enjoying a success such as the one that Heartland enjoyed. Chris, however, stuck to what he does best which is singing and the years have not reduced his ability to belt out tunes that are still impressive to this day.

This latest album is a mix of fast and slow rock and truly depicts what Chris is capable of.