Chris OuseyWhen you are looking for quality productions, then you should look no further than the albums by Heartland. The production is excellent, with clarity and freshness being what that comes forth the most. There are numerous reasons for this, and here is one of them.

There are many metal bands that do not pay enough attention to the drumming in their music. Rather, attention is given to the vocals as well as the guitar sounds that are played by the band. With Heartland, this is different. All the tracks feature a live drummer playing on different parts of the songs. This is what breathes in the essence of life into the music. This is so much better than the samples that many artists subject their fans to in modern music.

Over the years, the band has released more than seven studio albums. Even with this much discography in the music industry, they have stayed true to the heart of their music. This shows that this is a band that takes their music seriously, and always keeps the interest of fans at the heart of their production.

The band is held together well by the veteran British vocalist Chris Ousey. His experience extends to two other bands as well, like Virginia Wolf and the Distance. All the music that he releases is truly outstanding, due to the melodies in the sound and the background instruments.

The music by Heartland is a must have in any collection of serious music to be enjoyed. There are songs that are incredibly catchy which will have you singing along, as well as songs that are more fast and furious so that you can head bang to your heart’s content. If you want something more soulful, songs like Into Your Dream are highly melodic and enjoyable.