SuccessHeartland have been producing and releasing their own music for close to two decades now. They burst onto the scene in 1991 and have been putting out new albums until 2011, when a compilation was produced. There is no indication that they will slow down, and it would be no surprise if they were to release more albums this year, or perhaps in the following ones.

If you want to find out what they have to offer, you should listen to one of the ten studio albums that they have released. These are albums that are loved by fans, and have received considerable acclaim from critics as well.

To start your collection, you should begin by purchasing their self-titled debut album. This came out originally in 1991 under the A&M record label, later bought by Universal Music. The great Jimbo Barton is the producer behind this project, that was clearly taking most of its inspiration by such acts as Deep Purple.

The members of the band at the time included Chris Ousey and Gary Sharpe along with Phil Brown, Steve Gibson and Rik Carter. The main songwriters were Ousey and Sharpe, with a dynamic that reminded most critics at the time of the Lennon-McCartney duo… with an AOR hue, of course.

As they have continued to produce music, Heartland have changed their record labels several times over, but this has not affected the quality of their music. As a matter of fact, having suffered the meltdown of the traditional record industry, they have adapted to find that smaller is best, and they still work under Escape Music, the label which has released the majority of their albums and specialises in melodic metal and AOR.

Earlier albums are challenging to find, as many of them are currently out of print. However, if you do have one, keep it carefully for you own a gem and if in good condition, possibly a collectible of great monetary value!