Made Heartland Such a SuccessWhile there are many well known and very successful Hard Rock bands throughout the UK when one goes back in history a bit they will surely discover the Heartland Group. It was a band that was no doubt destined for success but what were its attributes that helped with this?

First one has to look at the participants that made up the band and what they each possessed and how they were able to bring their talents together to form a group that worked well together. Iconic names like Chris Ousey who brought the band to its forefront with his amazing vocals. Then Steve Morris who impressed fans with his talent in regards to guitar, bass and keyboard. Also Fredrik Oscarsson on drums did much to contribute to the band’s success.

Next with the focus being on Hard Rock music the band had an eager following to cater to. It was the music of the time and a band like Heartland contributed a great deal to keeping it popular. This no doubt acted as an encouragement to other budding musicians whose heart was in this genre of music.

The Heartland band also showed conviction and dedication. They were not classed as a band that was here today and gone tomorrow. They remain dedicated to their passion of music, producing several albums throughout 1991 to 2011. Their stability also acted as a role model for others that were going to enter into the music field.

Another approach that stands out with the Heartland group was their ability to tour with others to help build their name and popularity. They do this by touring with Mr. Big.

Like many other bands they had some challenges but they always seemed to rise to the occasion and find the solution. For example, when keyboard player Chris Lloyd was injured in an accident, Steve Morris had to pick up the torch and finish the keyboard presentation for the tapes for “Miracles by Design”.

All of these attributes contributed to the success of Heartland.